Dr appointment

So today I finally broke down and went to the doctor. For some time now I have had some “episodes”. My legs will turn red and feel like they are on fire, you can feel it through my pants and if I have shorts on you can just see the sweat (odd I know). Drives my husband batty because I can’t lay too close to him I am that hot. Well along with the my right leg hip to toes feels numb my toes will tingle and the Charlie horses are embarrassing and uncomfortable. My right arm has been acting weird like if when you lift weights and your muscles feel tight…well I have not lifted in almost 2 years so it’s not from that. I was having a hard time trying to get my hands to work on Tuesday I kept fumbling trying to hold even a pen. The right side of my cheek was tingly numb for almost 5 days, the back of my neck hurts and I am extremely tired with episodes of vertigo. It usually starts with one symptom and will increase to more but usually goes away well this one has lasted longer than any other time.

My mom suggested I get tested for MS so I am waiting for prior authorization from my insurance to get that set up. My dad wants me to be tested for Lyme disease and a hereditary disease he has called brachialplexopothy it is dominate in brown eye males in my family. So fingers crossed I am just old and over weight!!

Well diet today…crab salad and brats not too bad but sure as hell not Keto! Ruger has a birthday so he got peanut butter frosty paws and a new bone tonight!!