This weeks eats

So this week has been hectic so it has been easy meals. On Monday we had tacos which if we have it we usually have it on a Tuesday, “taco Tuesday” but this week was taco Monday. We made beef and cilantro lime chicken for the meat give a little option there. And I made my homemade salsa, nothing beats homemade salsa! Simple but so good. Roma tomatoes, red onion, garlic, jalapeños, fresh cilantro, some fresh lemon and sea salt..pretty simple yet fireworks of flavor. I’m not a big fan of tortilla shells so I just made taco salad for mine. No margaritas this time to wash it down with still recovering from the weekend!

On Tuesday we went to my in laws for supper, my father in law has been feeling down due to his prostate biopsy he had so my mother in law invited us over to cheer him up. She makes everything from scratch so we has homemade lasagna, garlic bread, garden green beans with bacon and a romaine salad from the garden. And of course fresh brewed sweet tea, a great summer staple!

On Wednesday my wonderful husband made supper while I took a nap after working 12 hours. He grilled chicken thighs in a sweet heat rub and made a dill pickle pasta salad. Very proud of his side dish and he cleaned up after himself!!

Tonight is Thursday so we will be grabbing some subway on our way to my second job. I clean lake houses so not much time to cook. And on the Fridays we have the kids it’s always “pizza Friday” . No baseball this weekend which is a good thing because I have to work on Saturday. “All work and no play makes Jake a poor boy”!

Still nothing from the doctor yet, waiting on insurance on my prior authorization of my MRI. Today I am not as tired toes and fingers on my right side tingling and arm is tight…don’t think the steroids the doctor put me on are helping. Thoughts and prayers!

Author: melonymiller

These are thoughts, recipes and struggles from me to you!!!

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