“I ain’t as good as I once was”

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You ever forget your age until life reminds you? Ohh Toby Keith said it best..

I ain’t as good as I once was
I got a few years on me now
But there was a time
Back in my prime
When I could really lay it down.”

I had to work on Saturday and for once the weather was nice mid to lower 70’s. I got Jamey the Pitboss https://pitboss-grills.com/memphis-three-burner-ultimate-combo for Fathers Day and I must say it’s pretty bad ass. We smoked 2 chicken quarters and about 5lbs of baked beans (not exactly 5lbs but one of those big foil pans). We used Mesquite wood chips, I think the smell in the air made all the neighbors hungry! Anyone that has smoked anything knows that it is a long slow process so my ADD kicked in and I decided to paint one of the outside doors (bad idea on a breezy day), and our old ugly glass patio table I painted with chalkboard paint on top and flat black legs. I am very impressed with the chalkboard table! We have been working on our side yard are for a couple weeks. We put down a deck, added mulch, stepping stones, tiki torches, our pallet bar Jamey made for our wedding, portable fire pit, new grill, Notre Dame grill mat and flag. It is slowly coming together next will be chairs for our chalkboard table, lantern lights for the side of the house, rope lighting for around the outside of the deck and some flowers or bushes.

After we ate we decided to have a few drinks, unwind and chill from the long, busy week and just sit by the fire and listen to some music. We were taking turns playing songs on YouTube, Jamey was sweet playing by playing “walking the wire” by Imagine Dragons which was the song I walked down the isle to and “Tennessee whiskey” live version by Chris Stapleton and JT (Jamey’s second man crush..Tom Brady being his first) which was our first dance song. I’d pick Kid Rock, he’d pick Blake Shelton. I’d pick Jason Derulo he’d pick Kenny Cheney and so on. I got criticized for some of my music choosing because Jamey didn’t think our old lady neighbor would appreciate Slipknot being blared after 11pm. Been wide awake since about 4:30, I don’t sleep much even after a few drinks. I’m laying here listening to the birds outside, the box fan I have beside the bed and the soft faint snore of my husband as he lays beside me. As I’m listening to all of this all I can think is “damn, I’m not as good as I once was” and “you know you don’t do vodka well”! Our new find is http://www.deepeddyvodka.com/age-gate, the lemon is fresh and summery.

I’m going to take some Aleve eat a banana while sitting outside on the deck this morning. It is now 7:05 the sun is up taking the crispness out of the air. Suppose to rain later so won’t be sitting outside later. We are meeting my dad, stepmom, sister and her family for lunch at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Father’s Day and my dads birthday later today. Hopefully this headache is gone it’s always loud in there I have a hard time hearing as it is so let’s jam the music so loud the people behind you know how you like your steak because you have to yell it…oh and don’t forget when my drink needs refilled I have to wait because all the wait staff has to stop and do a little line dance that no one cares to watch.

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