First blog

Hello! My name is Melony bare with me this is my first blog. A little about me, I am in my 40’s (that’s all you need to know lol). I am a newlywed, our one year anniversary is coming up in August. I have 3 kids, 3 step kids, 3 grandkids and a big baby Rottweiler. I will be blogging about remodeling our house, “remodeling” my body and health and general everyday randomness.

About my house, it is a older house with good bones but it is not the 60’s anymore so we are updating and doing it ourselves. So that has been less than enjoyable at times. I’ve learned a lot…like using a power sander is very messy and put Ruger (our Rottweiler) in his kennel while painting!! More about the house later…

About my body and health, I am roller coaster of weight loss and gain. I have gained 30 since we got married in August, but I am not alone so has my husband. So we are going to try different diets out, we’ve done the gym and protein shakes without success so we will see what our next diet adventure is. As far as my health, I have ADD, OCD and anxiety so that is always an adventure. I will try to blog everyday about something. Thanks for understanding I am a newbie and have a good day!

Author: melonymiller

These are thoughts, recipes and struggles from me to you!!!

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